Shred Guitar

by Paul Hanson

(1996) Warner Brothers #1-57623-604-8

Description A complete system for the rock improvisor with play along tracks, licks & patterns, theory, and much more.
Posted By Taylor Carr (185)
Directory Books/Tab: Metal
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On 7/7/2003, Taylor Carr (185) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book will definitely test your speed and shred skills. The first few lessons are fairly simple, but then it dives into hypermode with blazing tempos, insane arpeggios and more. It is not for beginners, but it certainly will help you improve much faster. After even a week of practice it will become very noticeable. Shred guitar not only teaches rock riffs and styles, but classical as well as blues. A must have for any devoted or aspiring shred guitarist.
Suitable for advanced guitarists