Arbor Les Paul Copy

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Arbor

Description Practically identical to the les paul. Two switches, four knobs, 22 frets.
Posted By Charlene Smith (63)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 7/20/2003, Charlene Smith (63) posted:
Overall Rating:

My guitar in all it's beauty

I was just casually browsing the pawn shop and my friend actually discovered it. After playing several other guitars, I decided this one seemed like the best choice. Would this guitar be lost or stolen, I might call the CIA to look for it... I can't find anything else about it anywhere and probally couldn't find it again. With new screws for the pickups, I think that would improve the guitar overall, and be just about all I could do to improve it. If anything is known about this guitar, questions, or comments; I would like to be contacted!
Price: $75.00
Where Obtained: Pawn Shop
I'm by no means a guitar expert... I just love to play. The guitar was marked at $100, and my friend talked the guy down to $75 and a free chord. I love this guitar so much, I feel as if I stole it from him, for it must be worth far more. This is a rather mysterious brand, as I can find nothing on Arbor what so ever. It has two pickups, four knobs, and two switches. One switch goes from one pick up to another, or combined, and the other switch, when flipped, I can hear a diffrence in tone, but I believe it to be broken. Someone told me that it should change out the coils? It has a natural looking wood finish. 22 frets, bolt on neck..
Everyone that has ever played my guitar has nothing but praise for it. The action is beautiful. A straight neck. Much better than my previous two guitars (both off brand copies as well). Since this is a used guitar, it has some bumps and bruises here and there, but only after much handling do I notice them all. None effect playing, or stand out to the naked eye. I believe that at the shop I got this guitar at, the guy has a hobby of fixing up guitars. The main screws that bolt on the guitar are not made for the guitar, and they don't always want to hold the pickups down. They pop up, and cause buzzing much as if the action were too low. Doesn't happen often though, and it's a minor adjustment to fix. But, I'm going with the opinion of others here, and say that it plays excellent.
Sound Quality:
I have a 30 watt Crate amp that I use to practice with in my room. The amp is used as well, and not in the best condition, but I get sastisfactory sound out of it with this guitar. I've preformed with it (I'm in a punk band), and it did just fine. And like I keep saying, everyone is quite impressed with it, as it is only a copy. With my amp, and everything on the amp and guitar turned up, I have annoying feed back, but on bigger and better amps (marshalls and such), I've had none. I'd rather not have this as a guitar for the stage, as I'm deathly afraid of damage. It could suit quite well as a studio guitar.
I've played several shows with it and had no problems. The tuning pegs are quite lose, but I never have to retune the guitar unless the pegs are handled. The left hand strap-lock is in an interesting place of behind the body, instead of sticking out of the side.