Jackson Soloist SL 3

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Jackson

Description Super strat shape, 24 frets, HSS, floyd rose
Posted By Adam Rea (8)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 6/27/2003, Adam Rea (8) posted:
Overall Rating:
I always thought i wanted a Gibson sg for the longest time. then i played one compared to this soloist. the soloist smoked the sg. the quality of this japanese instrument is so amazing, Jackson's USA line must play themselves or something...overall, great guitar.
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
Made in Japan, and made very well. Huge frets, flat fingerboard perfect for metal-goodness, and a beautiful flamed maple top. The bridge is a licensed floyd rose, the JT-580, and it works pretty darn well. It has only gone out of tune once or twice in the year and a half i've had it.
Action is crazy low- i mean its perfect. thin neck makes it great for soloing, but playin a ton of power chords kinda wears me out. frets are dressed perfectly, not a single one is even slighty out of whack.
Sound Quality:
This axe sounds great for everything. the Hot rails in the neck and middle work for heavy rock/blues work, and clean up pretty nicely as well. Originally, there was a Duncan Distortion in the bridge, but i replaced it with a Tone Zone. The distortion was a great pickup, but didnt have enough low end for me.
Can you say Tank? this thing is near indestructable. i've bumped it on all kinds of crap, and it has fallen out of its stand, and there is still not one nick or scratch (ok theres some minor pick scratches, but they dont count).