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Description A look at the stringed instrument collection to end all collections. Unreal! Instruments from all over the world-ancient and modern. Most,Greg has found (or they found him);and purchased;but some he made from historic text,etc. A MUST SEE!
Posted By Paul Cummins (95)
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On 6/24/2003, Paul Cummins (95) posted:
Overall Rating:
Greg Miner is the ultimate in stringed instrument obsessors. Not only is his collection and knowledge of the world's stringed instruments darn near worthy of "Wayne and Garth-like" worship; his talent as an instrumentalist is humbling as well.

He has recorded many songs using these instruments (some in their historically correct idium, and some in other context for their unique voices). Links to clips and for purchasing his CDs are here. I own his Christmas CD; and give that 5 out of 5 of whatever stars, guitars, gold bars we're using.

Easily a site one could spend days studying.