Guitar Warz

Description People Submit samples of solos to compete agaisnt one another.. Listen and vote for your favorites
Posted By Levi Saunderson (119)
Directory Musicians: Societies/Foundations
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Member Reviews

On 6/10/2003, Carlo Torres (72) posted:
Overall Rating:
Yeah same opinion.. It's a good site but not that pocket-friendly. Before, there were no fees and it was a very very cool site but now it just became like pornsites with fees. On the other hand, it's not that expensive if youre an active user but when you don't have so much time to enjoy the thing so much, you'll not get yer money's worth... But then again.. I may be wrong.
On 5/29/2003, Evan Duff (789) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is a great concept, although making membership have a fee wasn't very appitizing. It was like twenty bucks a month. If this was free it would be awsome, but its expensive.
On 5/28/2003, Levi Saunderson (119) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great, fun to hear other guitar players solos and ideas...