Arbiter Valeta CD6100tv

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Arbiter

Description Made in China by Valeta, part of the Arbiter group. Not a bad playing instrument for a relatively unknown make of guitar.
Posted By Warren Byrne (158)
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On 5/29/2003, Warren Byrne (158) posted:
Overall Rating:
I would recommend this guitar to any one who is starting from scratch, but listening to other guitar players who are further advanced than myself, they have stated that it is very clear sounding and easily handled guitar but could get bored with its 'basicness' as time goes on. I would buy this guitar again if I had to.
Model Year: 2001
Price: $90.00 GBP (new)
Where Obtained: Littlewoods music catalogue
Made in China with a mohogany neck and face and body. 6 metal strings and 20 frets. As an electric acoustics it has volume and tone controls but thats about it! The tuners are non-locking much to the amusement of my 3-year-old son who like to constantly turn it out of tune!!!! The 1st to 10th frets are sounding okay but I tend to get a lot of fret buzz from frets higher than the 11th. Although I am by far no expert I think the harmonics and action are fine for a beginners guitar. Relatively cheap but does the job well. Have'nt told my wife I want an electric guitar for christmas yet!!!
Hammers and pull ups are not brilliant but I can get the preffered sound. It could be just me though as I am only just learning to play. Bends and harminics sound just like they should.
Sound Quality:
Have not had a chance to hear it through an amp yet but I'm working on it. The sound of the six steel strings are crystal and clear but as I said earlier, a lot of fret buzz from frets above the 11th. It has a good full sound on the open strings and a nice dark sound appegio sound for the likes of Pink Floyd type tunes which is the style I am trying at the moment but would like to go on to good appegio.
Tends to hold its tuning very well.