An Anthology Of Dead Ends

by Botch

(2002) HydraHead

Personnel RIP. This EP is the final recording of that infamous Tacoma hardcore four-piece, Botch.
Description To be sure this disc is as chaotic as one would express. The tag "evil math-rock" certainly applys.
Posted By William Glover (1064)
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On 5/26/2003, William Glover (1064) posted:
Overall Rating:
For much of the '90s Botch were among the best in hardcore/punk. Anytime someone attempts to pigeon-hole the genre I drop their name as a glorious exception to the rule. Granted, there are thousands of exceptions to the stereotypes, but few are this exceptional.

On to the music. The 2nd song (first real song on the disc) is embelmatic. An eruption of off kilter time signatures, noise, hard riffage, culminating in a devastating breakdown. Think hooks...hammer-ons, grooves, it's all here. Even a hint of odd pop... but only a hint.

I saw Botch in the fall of 2000 and came away impressed. I had been a fan of their recorded material and was happy with the live product as well. Thankfully, this CD is of the enhanceed variety and contains a music video for our listening pleasure. I understand that a full length DVD is in the works. Cool.