Blackwater Park

by Opeth

(2001) Koch

Description This is the masterpiece by the prog/black/death metal band, Opeth.
Posted By Robert Goodwin (531)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 2/9/2005, Keith Deuser (2686) posted:
Overall Rating:
Opeth is truly an original and just awesome band. After listening to them, I am always in awe of how well written the songs are. This album is almost an acoustic album. That's how much acoustic guitar is on it. They write with so much feeling also, that you'll have to sit back and take a breather after listening to it. "Patterns In The Ivy" is just an awesome song in my opinion, and the title track. A definite 5.
On 5/17/2003, Robert Goodwin (531) posted:
Overall Rating:
This record is considered to be everything Opeth is. This album transcends all boundaries of metal, incorporating piano, strings, graveled vocals, death metal drumming, everything into epic songs. Most of the songs on this album are over ten minutes long, but they are in no way repetitive or boring, but extremely cohesive and keeps the listening engaged at all times. The songs are epics, and executed with extreme precision and craft. If you are thinking of listening, the title track, bleak, and the drapery falls are great downloads