The Jazz Theory Book

by Mark Levine

(1995) Sher Music #1-883217-04-0

Description This jazz theory book is easy to read, well organized, incredibly extensive and full of music examples. It starts with chord/scale structures then moves on to improvisational techniques, reharmonization, song form, composition and more.
Posted By Paul Cabri (1075)
Directory Books/Tab: Jazz
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On 4/19/2003, Paul Cabri (1075) posted:
Overall Rating:
For any player and/or composer looking for an extensive book on Jazz principles this is a must. It's an instructional book that's full of transcriptions and can help student's from beginner through advanced improve their understanding and knowledge base of the jazz language. I use it as a reference for my teaching practice and for my own development.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists