Samson Servo 150


Made by Samson

Description Solid state power amp, 2x75 watts stereo.
Posted By Justin Frear (3769)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/18/2003, Justin Frear (3769) posted:
Overall Rating:
This was a "test" to see how my rig would sound through a solid state amp versus my tubed Rivera. Plus, it doesn't get much better than $60, and it doesn't color my amplifer emulations on my POD Pro as the EL-34/12ax7 Rivera did. This is comparable to the Alesis RA series which have been found in many a rack. Samson doesn't seem to be as sought after, which equates to a lower price IMO.
Price: $60.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
Straightforward poweramp. On/off, volume levels on front, in/out on the back. Nothing fancy.
Sound Quality:
It's a power amp and designed to put out pure uncolored power. For that, it does it well.
Ease of Use:
Not much to make it difficult - plug in, plug out. Doesn't get much easier.
Shouldn't have any probs with durability as it is safely secured in a rack.