Hughes & Kettner Triplex Combo

50W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Hughes & Kettner

Description This amp has 3 settings reverb delay and chorus also puretone effects equaliser delay timer chorus rate clean channel and you can play anything from stevie ray 2 u2 atever this amp has it all and will have no drama playing small venues 200 300 people
Posted By Alan Lockhart (89)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/9/2003, Alan Lockhart (89) posted:
Overall Rating:
As you have probably gathered by know i think for the price and flexibility of this amp you cant beat it.Looked at peavey/marshall but for the price and what i needed it for there was no comparison i love my amp.The best thing about this amp is that it allows you to play a wide variety of styles without having to worry about footpedals and switches witch is great if you are just starting out a very inexpensive way to start.
Price: $800.00 ausd (new)
Where Obtained: Right Price music PERTH WEST AUST
It has a clean tone channel with own vol puretone effects reverb delay chorus has rate controls for delay and feedback.eqaliser also channel and mode switches.It also has line in and out jacks footswitch and phones.Like i said before it is a great amp for playing small venues ie taverns beer gardens etc.Personally i think this amp is the bees knees
Sound Quality:
I use a fender strat/jackson warrior/ and a friends custom made signature.I play mainly blues but also metal and am currently learning jazz variations. This amp is great for blues and shredding and many other styles it is the complete package truly.
Ease of Use:
This amp is not programable.Being new to guitar i found this amp was easy to set up and after a while playing around with different functions and getting the feel for the sound you are looking for it is fairly straight forward
This is a very solidly built amp and is very hardy i carry it around in my car most of the time its probably been through some really rough nites and i have never had a problem with it.As for reliability i play every day as often as i can and have jammed for 4/5 hours at a time most weekends