Peavey Ultra Plus

120W Head

Made by Peavey

Description A friend of mine pushes this baby at the guitar store where he is employed. He claims that it's the poor mans rectifier. I will not harbor any illusions, this amp is certainly not MESA quality, but for my purposes it will do.
Posted By William Glover (1064)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 4/2/2003, William Glover (1064) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well, I bought the amp used for a pittance. I guess you could say that I'm grading on a curve. If I had the chance I would certainly by this amp again. Sure, it would be nice if it had a sepertae eq for both dirty channels, but I can't say that I would switch between them much anyway. For my style of play (incorporates hardcore/punk and metal) this amp works nicely. Buyer beware, I've heard plenty of stories about guitarists being unsatisfied with...say a Mesa Nomad when they were trying to emulate the tone of Clapton. Sounds idiotic I know, but no amp can be all things to all people. Know your taste... the sound you're searching for. You like gain? Wallet a little thin? This amp might be for you
Price: $300.00
Where Obtained: A pawn shop
The tube driven beast will appeal to your darker side. Plenty of versatility, but let's face the music, this amp is geared towards those of Metal persuasion. First: three channels, two dirty one clean. The Dirty channels share an EQ and the clean channel has it's own. Each channel does have a seperate volume control and you can change channels via foot switch or buttons on the heads face. One aesthetic note, the Peavey face plate changes color when you switch to a new channel.
Sound Quality:
The differences between the "Ultra" and "Crunch" channels seem miniscule to some. The truth of the matter is that the Crunch channel seems to be remniscient of a Marshal JCM 8OO where as the Ultra is comparable to a Mesa Boogie Rectifier. From my experience adjustments to the gain settings on the ultra channel have little effect where as adjusting the gain for the crunch channel drastically changes the tone. Personally, I prefer the Ultra channel, full on gain. Highs 10, Bass 10 and mids completely scooped out. As for the clean channel.... it's not bad but we're not talking about a Fender Twin here are we.
Ease of Use:
This head is pretty straight forward. Sure, it has an fx loop, resonance switch, reverb and etc. I Like it for the staright up mean spirited snarl. This is an amp that does not require a degree in electrical engineering for it's basic use.
Well, there seems to be a short which impacts the face plate when I shift to the clean channel. The color doesn't change .... simply an aesthetics issue though,