Peavey Encore 65

65W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Peavey

Description Basic 2-channel all-tube elictric guitar amplifier.
Posted By Bud Sloniger (166)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 3/20/2003, Bud Sloniger (166) posted:
Overall Rating:
I wasn't really looking for anything other than to replace my Peavey Ultra410, which was just too big and heavy to lug around without a dolly. This fits that bill perfectly. I can carryit confortably in one hand. I looked at an old Mesa Boogie (900 bucks used !) newer small Fenders, etc. But even the smaller amps were way too expensive. I had never even heard of this thing before I saw it, and with the $129 price tag I just had to get it.
Price: $130.00
Where Obtained: Guitar Center, Englewood, CO
2 basic, not-descrete channel inputs. One -10 db. the channels share the same tone controls. One is overdriven, one it not. gain, volume, and overdrive controls. three band tone control, presence control, reverb control. footswitch (not included with my unit) that switches overdrive and reverb.
Sound Quality:
I usually play rock and blues through it with a Les Paul. very nice, even sustain, warm distorted sound. Not too raspy. Clean channel is loud and clean, similar in tone to a Fender Twin Reverb. Reverb, though is kinda cheezy sounding.
Ease of Use:
It's kind of a one-trick pony as far as sounds go. But I am very hapy with my Epiphone thinline acousting plugged into it as well (in the -10 db channel). But the controls are very straightforward and easy to use.
I have not gigged with this unit yet, but it seems to be pretty rugged and reliable.