Falcon Falcon

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Falcon

Description This amazing HAND MADE acoustic guitar can be found only in Lima-Peru, but if you come to this country and want to leave with an exceptional guitar dont think twice.
Posted By Xavier Guedes (84)
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Member Reviews

On 3/16/2003, Xavier Guedes (84) posted:
Overall Rating:
In my country I saw all kinds of acoustic guitars, but they were too expensive or the sound was not convincing enough. This guitar had a really good price and its quality can be compared to any great acoustic guitar...in some cases much better.

I love this guitar because every year it proves to be an excellent companion, for its amazing sound, simple classic look and great durability.

I am sorry that it is not known worldwide.
Model Year: 1989
Price: $180.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Falcon company
Acoustic guitar (6 strings) made in Lima-Peru. Usually can be found in different types of wood, depending on the price, with a natural finish. Comes with 19 frets.
You can play any classical, blues or even alternative piece and obtain great results. Its even good when you play flamenco or bossa nova. The neck allows your hand to gain strengh and ability, having a really classic configuration. Compared to other guitars the sound of this guitar is quite classical and unique.
Sound Quality:
If you enjoy playing acoustic guitars alone in a room or even with friends, or in stage, this guitar will be enough...and the sound will always be warm. Blues, alternative, flamenco, bossa nova and classic are the best choices to play on this guitar.
My 14 year old FALCON has never failed me, and every year it seems to sound better. I cant say much more about its reliability. Climate changes are no problem, unless you expose your guitar to sunlight or humidity for a long time, like all guitars. It requires good care, if you want it to last. Cleaning, and every couple of years some calibration.