Night Of The Stormrider

by Iced Earth

Century Media

Personnel Jon Schaffer - Rhythm Guitar Randy Shawver - Lead Guitar Dave Abell - Bass Guitar John Greely - Vocals Richey Secchiari - Drums
Description Picture Iron Maiden on steroids and you get Iced Earth. If you don't know who Iron Maiden is then you simply must listen to them first.
Posted By Dave Fischer (54)
Directory Recordings: Metal
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Member Reviews

On 3/12/2003, Dave Fischer (54) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is my favorite Iced Earth record. This album rocks. There is no way for this record to be any better. The best song on this record, and the best Iced Earth song for that matter, is the last track Travel in Stygian. This song kicks ass, slows down for a very interesting twist, then comes back and kicks even more ass. The worst aspect about this album is that after hearing Travel in Stygian you don't really want to listen to any of the other good songs. The guitar playing on this is a 9/10 for rhythm guitar. Jon Schaffer is a galloping triplet madman, it's suprising he hasn't had tendonitis years ago. All I have left to say about this record is that if you don't absolutely love it, and you like metal, there's something seriously wrong with you.