Agile HRB-200 A/E

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Agile

Description 6 String Thin-Line Round Back Acoustic/Electric
Posted By Chet Feathers (995)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 2/28/2003, Chet Feathers (995) posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this guitar because I wanted an Ovation style Roundback Acoustic/Electric, I'm left handed and this one was available now instead of an extremely long waiting period. This guitar amazed me for the price. I would have to order another if anything happened to this one. I am seriously looking at other guitars by this manufacturer.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $159.95 (new)
Where Obtained: Rondo Music
Korean Made, Mahogany Neck with Rosewood fretboard and diamond shaped markers, Ash top (very nice grain), 6 string, 21 frets, Thin-Line Roundback (Ovation Style), Acoustic/Electric with 4 Band EQ, Grover type non-locking tuners, Left-Handed.
Set-up right out of the box was right on the money, I will probably lower the action a little as I like mine closer. The neck feels good, sort of an in-between (not fat and not thin), the back of the neck has a satin finish so your hand slides easy.
Sound Quality:
I was expecting a thin sound out of this body style, however it delivered a nice full tone unplugged and plugged in it has a warm well rounded sound, with the controls set on the full bass side this guitar has a booming sound. Amps I tried this guitar through: Peavey Classic 20, Peavey Rage 158, Peavey Audition Chorus. I tried this guitar plugged directly into the amps and through an Audio-Technica wireless system, guitar sounded great each time. Too much volume on the amp and guitar together combined with closeness to amp can result in some feedback.
Only had it a few days, so an overall durability rating at this time would have to be great so-far.