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Description This amp was manufactured from 1987 - 1994. 2 Channels, switchable; switchable reverb; effects loop; pull boost/cut on all EQ's except Vol and Bass on Clean Channel. Distinctive gain section.
Posted By Joe Roberts (29)
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On 2/14/2003, Joe Roberts (29) posted:
Overall Rating:
You don't hear alot about these amps. I highly recommend them. If you find one on ebay (pretty consistently available) around $450-$500 I would jump on it. If you decide to leave it as a combo, I would recommend ditching the Eminence Speakers for a couple of Celestion Vintage 30's or some EV's. It makes a huge difference.
Model Year: 1987
Price: $600.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
This amp is 100% tube (s***id st**e is a dirty word around here).The clean section has Vol - Treb (pull boost) - Mid (pull cut) and Bass. The gain section has Gain - Treble (pull boost) - Mid (pull boost) - Bass (pull boost) - Presence (pull notch) - Volume (pull channel select) - Reverb - Channel selector for Reverb (1-2 or Both). As stated ealier, the amp has an effects loop with Db adjustment, Balanced Line Out, 4-8-16 ohm selector and Main, Parallel and Series Speaker out jacks. The Twin has two inputs for normal use and a really cool option - 2 inputs that use both channels at once. You can select 100 watts on the high setting or use the low setting which changes it to 25 watts. If you remove the two middle 6L6's, the wattage is switchable from 60 watts (high) to 15 watts (low). You may say, 15 watts? Why would you use that low a wattage. Talk about pushing the preamp into natural clipping!!! Awesome baby.
Sound Quality:
I play a Les Paul Classic, American Strat, Jap Tele, PRS Custom 24 and a Custom Maple Strat with a Jap neck through the amp and there are a myriad of tones you can achieve with each. For effects I run a Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere through the effects loop and the following direct in: Ernie Ball Volume - 1 out to tuner - 1 out to Maxon OD808 to a Tubescreamer TS9 to a Boss DS1. The gain section is a little noisy but not noticeable in a combo performance. Once this amp heats up (yes it has a standby switch) the clean channel will sing like you cannot believe. A volume pedal is a must because this amp is loud!!!
Ease of Use:
Extremely easy to dial in great tone. Using effects may take some tweaking but it will all be worth it when you get it right.
This is a tank.