Francouis Brisson Fretboard Warrior

Francouis Brisson

Platforms Windows/Mac
Size 1.15MB
License Free
Description A program that takes the fretboard of a guitar and put a dot on a individual note and asks the user to name the note. This is organized into a game to where it keeps score of how many right you have, and how many wrong.
Posted By Matt Davis (895)
Directory Software: Instructional
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Member Reviews

On 2/9/2003, Matt Davis (895) posted:
Overall Rating:
I believe this can be a great help to anyone in the process of learning the notes on the fretboard.
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Suitable for beginner guitarists
Takes a guitar fretboard and puts a dot on an individual note. You then have to name the note. This is arranged into a game where it keeps track of how many you have right/wrong. You have the option of 2,5,10 minute games. Wish it would have an option to isolate strings, so you could work on your memorization one or two strings at a time, but this is a minor issue
Ease of Use:
Very simple to operate