Line 6 Vetta Combo

100W Combo (2 x 2")

Made by Line 6

Description This amp is amazing. its loud, it has great tone and a lot of effects.
Posted By Joel Chavez (1561)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 5/23/2003, Joel Chavez (1561) posted:
Overall Rating:
We looked at some marshalls and some boogies but this one gave us the most bang for our buck...we could get a marshall or a boogie and get clean and distorted or we could get the Vetta and get cleans, distortions AND flangers, wah, phasers, reverbs, delays, compressors, you get the idea.....
Model Year: 2001
Price: $1000.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
This amp usually runs from 1500-2000 grand but we got a deal :D. the amp has standard three band eq with presence, volume and, my personal fav, drive :D. it has both channel switching and an effects loop and has more than enough power for what we play(in fact putting it on 2 for volume is too loud....) it is stereo and is a solid state(all tho id swear it has a tube in there somewhere).
Sound Quality:
I use my Ibanez GAX70 and the effects that are built into the amp. o geez i dont know what style its called, Alternative Worship maybe? it is very well suited for many styles tho, from Rock to Roll....the sound is great compared to a lot of other amps i've used. i actually like it even better than a lot of the originals. its never nosiey unless ur cable is bad :D. very clean at high volumes and the distortions rock...all 1,000,001 of them lol....
Ease of Use:
Its beyond easy to create and edit patches and channels....the only hard part is playing with all the options each thing gives you....its doesnt take much fiddling to get a GREAT sound but it takes some time to get the sound you want out of it, like i said you have so many options to play with you can tweak your little heart out so the sound is just right, ya'll know what i mean;)....this amp is actually really easy to use considering the myriad of things it gives you to play with.
This amp is beyond reliable for live playing and the best part is that its so easy to tweak that you can customize the sound to match the venue. We have had it for about 3 or 4 months so far and havent had to repair it or anything. The construction is pretty tough but not the toughest. We havent had to get a road case for it and we carry it in a trailer with our PA and everything else so it seems pretty tough.