Description A comprehensive instructional site for all levels of players. This website created by Perry Terhune has lessons for every aspect of guitar playing, as well as song charts and other general information.
Posted By Jerry McGowan (426)
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On 3/9/2003, Jason Vickers (1415) posted:
Overall Rating:
I'll have to agree with Jerry. There is a huge amount of information on this page. What't more, all the text on this site is easy to read because it's nice and big. The site also has a lot of tables making some concepts easier to understand. There are also sound files so you can hear some of what's being discussed. He even gives you directions on printing either items, portions or the entire page. The only thing I can see being improved is the navigation.

Well worth the visit.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists
On 1/24/2003, Jerry McGowan (426) posted:
Overall Rating:
I believe this to be the best site of its kind. The lessons are easy to understand and are formatted for easy printing. The site is updated regularly and Perry is always trying to make improvements. A number of lessons have been published in book form and can be purchased on the site as well.

Users who sign-up on the mailing list are informed of new additions and changes and are encouraged to review and provide comments on the material.

The amount of information is somewhat overwhelming but it is presented in such a way that users can set their own pace.

I strongly recommend this site to all players.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists