David Gilmour Live DVD

by David Gilmour


Description Live DVD recording of the new David Gilmour Concert.
Posted By Daniel Helgason (221)
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On 1/11/2003, Daniel Helgason (221) posted:
Overall Rating:
One word "WOW"!!!!! This is a great Dvd recording. This is a concert of Pink Floyd tunes plus new material and song by other artists of modern and past times.This concert is done in a semi accoustic setting witch gives new life to these songs.I'm not usualy a fan of "unplugged" albums but this is not like that.The songs are done with cello,upright bass,accoustic, electric and lap steel guitars ,a great chorus ect.ect.I loved every minute of it and dont forget to check out the extra features there GREAT!!Dave uses a great Greatch Duojet in this and shows us that you dont have to us a Strat to scream!