Behringer FCB1010 Foot Controller

Floor Unit

Made by Behringer

Description Midi Foot controller for MIDI capable devices has 2 Expression pedals, 10 banks with 5 presets, 2 control change switches and one Note control switch in each bank.
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On 1/10/2003, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
Main reason I looked at this unit was it was comparable to the Johnson F-8 pedal that has only one expression pedal. The Johnson unit has a built in Tuner, this did not. But the Johnson was selling for around $240.00. This was $130.

Another reason is that Behringer is starting to improve its reputation. The stuff they are making currently is made solid and the few folks I actually talked to are all happy with their Behringer products.

Some improvements would be improving the potentiometers on the Pedals. A bit more travel for improved tone control. Perhaps making it just a bit smaller. There is plenty of room between the footswitches, perhaps cutting it down a couple of inches in width would be OK.

One aspect of this unit that is neat is the ability to program it to control so many different effects on the J Station. A person can manipulate just about any effect on the J.

One of the worst things about this unit was the learning process. And I think that was due to a users manual that could be improved greatly.

If I had to do it over again, I'm not sure if I would buy it again. That is, if I was starting from scratch & had to learn all the programming the same way.

If it was lost or stolen would I replace it with the same model, Yes. As I mentioned earlier, once you learn how to program it, it is really quite easy to do.

It performs as I hoped it would.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $130.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
Two Foot Pedals, 10 footswitches for program changes & control changes, 2 switches to move from bank to bank or to change external amp settings. AC powered. User manual leaves a LOT to be desired. No examples on how to affectively program it. Decent explanation on how to set it up, pushing switches, hold for X number of seconds, etc,etc. But it seems like it was written for people that have had lots of experience working with MIDI stuff. No case for it. Currently transporting it in the cardboard case it came in.
Sound Quality:
The only actual effects it has on the sound are the Expression pedals. They are smooth enough in the mechanical sense. But the travel is a bit short. Wah seem a bit quick changing, not a lot of span from treble to bass, just ok. Same type of movement with the Volume controls. Both pedals are the same, you just decide which gets programmed for whatever use. So Volume has same short travel.
Ease of Use:
Once you learn the CC parameters of the device your interfacing with, and the correct logic and way of thinking, programming is not too difficult. The manual was not very user friendly. If it weren't for the Johnson Amps web site & User group, and Yahoo User group I probably would've returned it to Guitar Center. Now that I know how to actually program it, it takes no time at all to set it up as I need it.
Made of metal. Seems relatively solid. Case doesn't seem like it would warp or twist. Switches are encased in what appears to be a strong rubber or acrylic cover. I haven't had it out in a perfomance but twice. But it feels like it is pretty solid. I opened it to check out the version of the EEPROM and the internal components all look fastened securely.