Yamaha Pac 303-12 II

Electric 12-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description Mahog body, gloss finish, strat design, 3 PU, 1 tone & 1 vol knob
Posted By Randy Longcrier (67)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 1/8/2003, Randy Longcrier (67) posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked hard at Ovation but the playability was better with the Yamaha. I checked out a Washburn 12 string solid body but the action just wasn't there.

I played a Rickenbacker too, and well, I don't have $1500. If I did I'd be writing a review on Rickenbacker.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $500.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Art's Music, Montgomery, AL
Japanese made. Mahog body, rosewood neck, 22 fret, 12 string. One volume and one tone -- wish it had to tone knobs. SSS PU config. Natural gloss finish (my fav finish) Strat copy (or as close as Yamaha is going to get to it). String through body on the main strings, string thru bridge on secondary. Non locking tuners, I have no idea what brand.
This is a 12 string, baby. It ain't made to play lead. If you want to accompany, this is the one. It can really fill a room up with sound and add to the rhythm section. The neck is a c-type strat and it's kinda narrow; You will need to spend some time with this one before you hit the stage. It's the easiest fingering 12 string I've played for the money. Naturally, if you can shell out the bucks for a Ric, do it.
Sound Quality:
I'm using a Digitech RP300. Adding a little chorus and some reverb gives it a rich, full sound. It has a good Ticket to Ride and Roger McQuinn sound (if you're into that).
If the climate changes, get ready to retune. Remember, this is a 12 string, twice as much to worry about. It's about as finicky as a Strat when it comes to weather change.