Marshall JCM2000 TSL100 Head

100W Head

Made by Marshall

Description The most up to date marshall head on the market at this time, providing a channel for clean, one for rhythm, and one for lead. Ideal for all styles of music, from country to death metal
Posted By James Low
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 8/5/2003, James Low posted:
Overall Rating:
I chose this amp from a selection of marshalls, laneys, and peaveys. The reason, this amp is so versatile, this is capable of everything and anything! any style of music! Cannibal Corpse to the Shadows, you can do it with this amp! No need for any overdrive effects, the distortion on this amp is reliable enough! Im sure this amp will be bettered in the future with technological advances, but at this moment in history, this amp is the best you could ever buy! Its that good! The worst aspect is that the effects loop control isn't really fully explained in the instructions booklet, and is a bit D.I.Y. But the quality of everything else makes up for this by far! If you like the scooped mid sound of recent heavy metal, this amp does the job brilliantly, along with every guitar sound of present and past!
Where Obtained: Mail Order
All three channels have controls for treble, middle, bass, volume and gain, with two effects loops, one for the clean and one shared between the two distortion channels. The clean channel has a mid boost switch, and the distortion channels both have tone changing switches, ideal for the nu-metal scooped mid sound, or the classic Metallica crushing gain. Two sets of controls are provided for the clean and distortion, comprising of deepening switches to give a more fuller, bass heavy sound, an effects loop level control, a presence control, and reverb controls. Also included is a virtual power reduction switch to lower the level of power running through the amp, and a muting switch for silent recording. There is also a line out, which uses Marshalls famous speaker emulating circuitry, ideal for recording or for live use connected to a P.A. There is connections available for either half or full stack use. A five-button footswitch is provided for channel switching, and for fx and reverb use.
Sound Quality:
I use this amp along with my B C Rich NJ Series Beast guitar, which is fitted with two EMG 81 pickups. I only use a jim dunlop cry baby wah pedal for effects. As you can tell, my sound is very metal, as metal is my most played and favourite style of music, but i do play hard rock and a lot of blues, and anything else i feel like learning! This amp fits every style of music ive ever needed to play, and the deep switch and the tone switch are unbelievable! It has to be heard to be believed, but it is far better than any amp i've played through or heard before, and this includes mesa boogie and peavey! It really is that good! This thing is so versatile! Before i upgraded my pickups there was a bit of feedback at high volumes, but this was resolved by standing further away from the amp, so get yourself a long cable! The clean channel is crystal clean, even at high volumes, and can sound amazing with added presence and reverb. The distortion is so so good, the valves are amazing quality, and the lead channel means you can have two different unique tones for your rhythm and lead sounds!
Ease of Use:
So far this head my sound a bit daunting, but its so easy to get the hang of it, you'll be a wizard in no time. The controls are the same across the channels so it is pretty easy to get used to the design. Compared to some amps on the market this could be operated by chimpanzees!
I have had this amp for about 3 months, but haven't had any problems so far, and it seems of good construction and reliable.