Ruokangas Guitars Custom VSOP

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ruokangas Guitars

Description Amazing hand-made guitar! Superb! Well, simply the best. Easy to get familiar.
Posted By Joni Siitonen (1322)
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Member Reviews

On 1/1/2003, Joni Siitonen (1322) posted:
Overall Rating:
I choose this one becouse this is _best_. Yea, I would buy this, or then ordinary VSOP model which is cheaper and have more Strat sound. Don't know yet, but I hope that this stays with me. This guitar can't be better. As I said before, this guitar is CUSTOM ordered, so you can't get this one from stores. But if there's store which deals VSOP or Duke models near you, go and test! Go'n'buy it! It's worth that.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $2300.00 EURO (new)
Where Obtained: Straight from factory
These guitars are hand-made in Finland, exotic country gives good feelin for guitar. Neck is maple, body is alder. Only Thermo-Threatment woods are used, so this don't own "new" sound, it's more vintage. 21 frets, unbelievable frets! One volume two tone knobs, I wanted three single switchers to get different sounds. Two hand-made pickups, Duckebucker and SingleCoil. Duckebucker is humbucker and SingleCoil is more like P90. Locking tuners of course. This is CUSTOM! Not ordinary model of Ruokangas! Body is from VSOP model and headstock from Duke model. Duke is more LP and VSOP is more Strat. But Ruokangas own way. These are not copies.
Neck is made just like I wanted it to be, so it is best possible for me at the moment. Playability is unbelievable! Can't explain feelings what I get when I play with this. Works fine with other guitars.
Sound Quality:
Sounds are unbelievable again :). Pickups breath well with lot distortion and clean sounds are best possible what guitars can offer. This works fine in every style becouse I have humbucker pickups, so this has real firepower and smooth strong notes! I play mostly play rock and blues. Sounds are full and warm! I would use this at gigs and in studio.
Yea, pure hand-made, lasts from father to son. I live in Finland and climate don't affect much, only when comes fall or spring neck need to be adjusted.