Abe And Malka's 100 Guitar Accompaniment Patterns

by Abe and Malka Mandelblatt

Amsco #0-8256-2812-1

Description A guide to accompanying [rhythm] in every style imaginable. 100 finger picking patterns in standard music notation, guitar Tablature, and an easy to read coded system. It also has a valuable strum index for over a thousand songs
Posted By Derek Still (620)
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On 1/1/2003, Derek Still (620) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is an instruction book that has become almost like a bible to me. It has made me a better and more versatile rhythm player. I used to refer to it almost daily, but now I know and regularly use about 30 of the patterns that have become favourites.

This style of rhythm playing is suited to most genres and even contains some Rock strum patterns. Even if you go back as far as Bo Diddley, Motown, R&B there is something for you in this book.

I would like to recommend it to any guitar player who wants to progress beyond just strumming rhythm.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists