More Blues You Can Use

by John Ganapes

Hal Leonard

Description Excellent blues cd to play along with, I'm not the greatest with tabliture but this one is really fun. My wife even commented when I came up from the basement "That really sounded good"
Posted By Dick Reed (1927)
Directory Books/Tab: Blues
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Member Reviews

On 7/15/2004, Lincoln Barnes (840) posted:
Overall Rating:
This is an insturctional book that is for advanced vlues technique and concepts. Not really. It is a little more adavanced for me right now cause of the theory involved butthe licks are pretty cool. I refer to this book only every oncce in a while. Well it is at my level but I'm just not theory smart and that is the drawback forom instructional books for me right now but I can play the licks. It does fit the style that I play at times. I'm always willing to incorporate new technique to my playing whether it is blues or classical. This book did come with a CD and it was extrememly helpful for playing the licks. Not sure how this book could have been better I really haven't got into it much so I can't judge it at thsi point. I love to play the licks that is the best oeart and the downside of course is not the book its me and my lack of knowledge on the fretboard. Well, this is the first time I have heard of John Ganapes so I really wouldn't know but the manufacturer is well know which Hal Leonard and their books are usually always good. It 's a really good book as long as you understand theory and the blues bascics otherwise you will be lost. Good luck to you all and god bless.
Suitable for advanced guitarists
On 12/31/2002, Dick Reed (1927) posted:
Overall Rating:
I recommend this to anybody who has played a little, may be a bit much if you are just starting because of the finger work, Im not real good but have been playing along time and my fingers are somewhat nimble.
Suitable for all skill levels of guitarists