Parker P-44

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Parker

Description 22 fret. wilkenson vibrato with fishman piezo. 2 humbuckers. bolt on neck. This, the p-38, and p-40 are the foreign made parkers.
Posted By Daniel Ege (605)
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On 12/24/2002, Daniel Ege (605) posted:
Overall Rating:
Either you like the looks of a parker, or you hate it. I used to hate them until I tried one, after that the looks sort of grow on you. The humbuckers are functional and I have been playing it out live, but when I figure out which pups to put in it, they will definitly come out. when switched to single coil mode the pups just lose too much volume and tone to be useable. thats why I can only give a 4 for overall rating.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $600.00
Where Obtained: Top Dog Music
Foreign made. Has mahogany body with flame maple cap. Maple bolt on neck. Grover locking tuners. 2 alnico humbucker pups(el cheapo).Fishman piezo system mounted on a wilkenson tremolo, with preamp and mixer system built in. Graphite nut. 1 volume for magnetics, 1 for piezo, 1 push/pull tone control that splits the magnetic pups. 1 three way switch for magnetic pups that does bridge humbucker, middle does the neck and bridges' 2 inner single coils, and neck humbucker. there is another three way switch for the piezo only, piezo and mag pups, and mag pups only.
Medium low action. If you like a les paul neck you probably won't like a parker neck, it's pretty thin. the whole guitar is VERY light, but also very well balanced, it just hangs very good. I have seen or felt no flaws.
Sound Quality:
I use this through a zoom gfx-8 straight into the board for mag pups. and through a D.I. box straight to the board for piezo. the piezo sounds gorgeous! The mag pups will be replaced though since the have that $20 pup tone. Epi owners know what i'm talking about! If you try one of these out in a store make sure you plug it into an acoustic amp to see just how nice the piezo can sound!
I think it will hold up well for live playing. haven't had it long enough to see how it fares in the temperature and humidity changes of Illinois.