Fender 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Affinity Stratocaster

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Solid body electric. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard and rosewood wooden strip at the back of the neck. 3 single coil pickups. Chrome vintage style tremolo.
Posted By Andrew Smith (2792)
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On 12/20/2002, Andrew Smith (2792) posted:
Overall Rating:
Other guitars I thought of buying were the Yamaha Pacifica and the Epiphone Les Paul. I chose the strat because I don't like the les paul's coated neck and the pacifica's neck is a bit too chunky compaired to the strat. Seeing that I have more money now and I'm a better player than when I bought this earlier on this year I would probably buy a mid-range ibanez or esp. The only thing I don't like about this guitar is that it says Squier. I doubt you'll find anymore of the limited editions now that it's december 2002.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $279.00 (new)
This is the limited edition 20th anniversary strat. Much better than anything else squier has made. Made in indonesia. Maple body and neck rosewood fretboard. Dark wood strip at the back of the neck. Standard 21 frets 6 string. Pickup configuration is S/S/S with the slanted bridge pickup. The pickups are much better on the ltd. edition. I think the electrons are passive because it's the standard fender pickups. Mine has a black painted finish. Like all strats it has a double cutaway body with a bolt-on neck. The bridge is string thru body with removable tremolo arm. The tuners are whatever the standard fender ones are.
You can raise or lower the saddles to your liking and the bold-on tailpeice can get in the way when you're playing high notes. It's the best entry level type guitar I've played. Mine is much better than other competitors such as the Yamaha Pacifica. Unfortunately the frets can scratch your hand so I would recommend getting them filed down.
Sound Quality:
This guitar is a good all around guitar because of the versatile tone controls. At home I use a fender frontman amp and the guitar sounds good clean or distorted. Since all the pickups are single coil you can't get the humbucker sound, but more of a twang sort of sound. By using two pickups and lower tone you can get a fuller sound. I would not recommend taking this guitar on stage. It is a better practice guitar.
I would not recommend using a squier live unless it is somewhere like a school or church. I have not needed to adjust mine yet so i am assuming it is holding up pretty well. You could drop this thing from a 5 story building and it will stay in one peice.