Riot Act

by Pearl Jam

(2002) Epic

Description Another cd in the ongoing evolution of one of rocks best bands.
Posted By Daniel Mckee (3210)
Directory Recordings: Rock/Pop
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On 12/8/2002, Daniel Mckee (3210) posted:
Overall Rating:
My best tip for you is, do not look for an agressive and pure grunge pearl jam. Your not going to find that anymore. What I wanted was the older pearl jam who had a powerfull sound with deep lyrics, like in the days of Ten and VS. But, over the years pearl jam has become very underground and has style all of there own. So my main question was, will Riot Act be a good cd???? I was very skeptical at first, but with a good listen, this just might be the best pearl jam cd.

This group of songs, has very strong lyrics, that can mean something different every time you hear the song. In the strange BushLeaguer, Vedder talks in such a perplexing way and still makes it sound good. In I am Mine and Love Boat Captain, he gives strong messages and thoughts. The good thing, is the guitar is still a very important part of the music. In the very blues type 1/2 Full, there is a great solo, and the song All or None will make any jazz guitarist happy. The band can stil have a good time in songs like Get Right and Save you, where pearl jam isnt afraid to express themselves. My favorite cut is the suprisingley poetic song called Thumbing My Way. Its amazing to see how this band has progressed over the years, and its even more amazing that they continue to stand outside the norm of mainstream rock and play music not by the medias standard, but only there own.