Satch Tapes

by Joe Satriani

Sony/Columbia #1992

Description Interviews with Joe, Steve Vai, and several other of Joe's students, and Nigel from Spinal Tap. Joe's history, vision behind earlier albums, videos and live performances.
Posted By Ilia Assafiev (144)
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On 12/2/2002, Ilia Assafiev (144) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great sound and video quality, first of all. This video covers the story of Joe Satriani's rise to prominence, starting from the very beginning. There are interviews with some of his students, who comment on his playing as well as his teaching style. Various segments added, not monotone, keeps you into it. Chronologically goes through his earlier albums, music videos and live performances, which are great. Well, ok, some videos weren't stellar, but live performances are awesome, spliced as they may be, in parts. Goes to great length to show off Satch's technique.

I was going to give it four stars, in considering that it doesn't fully worship guitar at times, for sake of the interviews. But, first of all, it's only my personal view that the music and the musician should speak for themselves, and second, the absolutely hilarious commentary by Nigel from Spinal Tap by itself is worth watching the video for. And then there's Satriani!