Sound City B-50

50W Head

Made by Sound City

Description Features? Two channels 4 inputs, two lo two hi, two volume nobs, Base, middle, treble, power light, Standby, and power switches. The back has a switch for cabinet Ohms, and power input voltage, switch.
Posted By James Kelleher (55)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 11/25/2002, James Kelleher (55) posted:
Overall Rating:
I also had the choice of a Sovtek Mig 50... I took a chance on this one from the Hrmoney central reports on it, I am not sorry either. If some body stole it I'd have to hunt him down and kill him... I doubt I'd find another one. A precense control? an effects loop and reverb comet to mind but make it better? I donno the tone is so good now. Favorite aspect Tone Brothers and sisters! Tone... Worst: hum but that can be delt with just turn it up or down, Oh by the way did I say it is LOUD? it is ... Very..
Price: $235.75
Where Obtained: Private person
Two channels, 4 inputs two hi two lo, no channel switching, Two volume knobs a bass, middle and Treble nob. Standby and power switches. The back has severial switches one for ohms o fcabinet, one for power input. A line reverse and a "Sensitivity" switch. Two El34's in the power sectonn. 50 watts.... LOUD!
Sound Quality:
Sound Quality? One word... WOW! My PRS sings the Honer Les Paul copy that I loaded Seymor Duncons in and added coil splitting sounds great! I couldn't find a bad sound. not yet anyway. it is very touch sensitive, and responds to your touch as if it knows.The noise is a 60 cycle hum, I can remember this from the fenders I playes through in the 60's I could get rid of it I think by adding in different filtration in the poser supply. But I don't want to mess with the tone! I'll cope :)
Ease of Use:
Whats to do? Plug it in and let her rip! I found cool sounds right off.
Ok this thing is almost as old as I am and it still rocks! it is a totally tube amp so tubes will go bad just be prepared, a good Amp Tech is good, as Dallas - Arbiter is long gone.