Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 201

20W Combo (1 x 1")

Made by Marshall

Description DSL 401's little brother. All tube (4xECC83, 2xEL84)
Posted By Bernard Piller (69)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 11/12/2002, Bernard Piller (69) posted:
Overall Rating:
A great amp. Pure vintage Marshall tube sound. Can be played easily from room level to small clubs. And then you can mic it.
Would I buy it again? Probably. But I also love the Fender Reverb amps...
Price: $700.00 EUR (new)
Where Obtained: Klangfarbe, Vienna / Austria
Full tube 12" combo: preamp 4xECC83, power amp 2xEL84
Two channels (switchable with included footswitch): Clean, Overdrive.
Effects loops, only on reverb for both channels.
Sound Quality:
I am playing a Fender Texas Special Strat through it and I love the sound. I use it mainly on the clean channel and on OD with very little gain (2-3). The reverb is OK around 5-6 but weak below and muddy above. I put a Celestion Greenback speaker in for the vintage sound.
Ease of Use:
3 channel EQ for every channel, only on reverb. I don't need the FX mixer, but tried it once with my Zoom pedal and had only very little effect on it. A headphone jack out of the preamp and a bypass for the power amp would be nice.
Very solid, very nice finish. I have a set of spare tubes handy.