GFI S-10


Made by GFI

Description Single 10 string Pedal Steel Guitar
Posted By Bill North (12505)
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On 4/5/2003, Bill North (12505) posted:
Overall Rating:
I've tried both a Shobud Dual neck Pro and Emmons LeGrande. They are both very nice instruments, but weight almost half again my GFI with no increase in sonic or mechanical quality. All that's missing is the expensive laquered wood in place of the mica. I feel this finish is more durable anyway.

GFI stands for Gene Fields Instruments. Gene is an old hand at guitar design working for fender and designing most of their steel pedals and designing the original Thinline Telecaster. When Fender stoped making PS's he worked for ShoBud until he decided to start his own company using radical designs he couldn't get built by his former employers. His instruments are rapidly gaining favor with West Coast Steelers as THE steel to get. As Mine is Serial No. 44 I am particularly delighted to own it.

If this one gets stolen or destroyed, I'd get a GFI Ultra.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $600.00
Where Obtained: Chicago Halsted St Guitar Center
Mica inlay frame and body. Maple bodies surrounded by extruded & welded aluminum frame. Frame, Neck, pedal board & keyhead are brushed finish & coated with epoxy baked at 400 degrees F for a lifetime finish that is scratch resistant. Bill Lawrence pickups 3 raise & 2 lower changer creates better leverage ratio Bridge & nut housings are epoxy coated aluminum creating less friction 24" scale Expandable cross rods All extrusions. No castings. Pedals and Crossrods operate on Delrin bearings creating less friction. Minimum body drop. No stabilizers required. The body is constructed of die board, normally used as a backing plate on punch presses to stamp out parts of various materials, including steel. It is laminated, with all plys being maple with epoxy base, which makes it stronger than solid maple, but unlike ordinary plywood, it has a natural resonance, far superior to solid maple. The frame is extruded an 6061-T6 aluminum and precisely cut to length at the foundry. The pedal board and pedals are unmatched by any Pro Model on the market today. All pedals are mounted on Delrin bearings and attached to an extruded pedal board of 6061-T6 aluminum. The changer is all pull, triple raise, double lower, with super hard aircraft aluminum bridge sections. Lower string profile combined with a vertical aluminum support rib between the necks, provide much greater stability and eliminates de-tuning. Stainless steel screws are used for assembly.
Accurate Pedals No Cabinet Drop that I can detect Plays better than my '59 Gibson. I like it better thean the Emmons and Shobuds I tried out.
Sound Quality:
Deep harmonics and responsive to your touch. Better sound than the '59 Gibson I have.
Built for the road, durable and tough, yet light enough it doesn't break my back (35 lbs in the case) The tuning is solid and the pedals never drift, and no cabinet drop. It's a high tech alternative for pedal steels. I' have no worry about any backup instrument.