Yamaha FG-140

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description Solid Top, Low Action, Made in the early 70's
Posted By Jason Smeed (17)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 11/2/2002, Jason Smeed (17) posted:
Overall Rating:
Overall this is an excellent guitar with in interesting history was owned by the late Leon Jackson a bluegrass singer and song writer with several famous songs from the fifty's. If this guitar was ever stolen I would hope I could find another FG-140 in similar condition. The only things I might change about the guitar would be a bone nut and maybe a little smoother tuners. My favorite thing about this guitar is its low action for easy playing the worst thing is probably the tuners but they get the job done.
Model Year: 1972
Price: $213.00
Where Obtained: Ebay
Made in Nippon Gaki Japan.It has a solid Spruce top other materials are unknown to me. It has 20 frets and 6 strings. It has a natural finish. It is a dreadnaught and has stock open Yamaha tuners.
This guitar has a relatively low action and is very easy to play. Every one who has played it has loved it and offered to buy it. My instuctor said if he owned it he would install a pickup and play it all the time in his band. The 3rd string has a slight buzz that I am going to fix soon.
Sound Quality:
The sound quality is excellent it has a warm sound that you only seem to get from an aged solid top guitar. I play country and classic rock on it and it lends itself very well to most of the songs I play.
It is definitly reliable enough for live playing the previous owner was a professional musician and used it as a backup guitar for live shows. It has held up very well as it is 30 years old and still seams nearly new in most every aspect.