The Tube Amp Book 4.1th Edition By Aspen Pittman

Description This book is for people who are into vintage tube amps!Listed are how tubes work ,how you can CHANGE the sound of your amp by changing to different rated tubes.The book contains schematics for many vintage amps.
Posted By Larry Broniste (1213)
Directory Hands-On: Electronics
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On 10/26/2002, Larry Broniste (1213) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book has many pictures for identifying vintage amps,and has a wealth of info on how some of these amps came about! It contains mods for Fenders,Marshalls and other amps,how to tell if your amp is biased right..also how to date some of the amps and much info to put in here!!! I highly recommend this book to any one into tube amps!!!