Ibanez USA Custom

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Ibanez

Description Strat shaped body, bolt on maple neck with rosewood fretboard, mother of pearl shark tooth inlays, single humbucker in bridge, Floyd Rose trem.
Posted By Adam Kralic (220)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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Member Reviews

On 11/20/2002, John Incognito (58) posted:
Overall Rating:
Improvements would be removing the SD Little 59 and SD 59 pickups and replacing with all JBs.
Price: $1000.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Atlanta Discount Music
Wizard II Neck, JB Trembucker Bridge, Little 59, 59 Neck, Floyd Rose. Beautiful guitar, beautiful sounding guitar. Fast neck, light guitar.
Plays like butter.
Sound Quality:
Use Digitech GNX2, RP3, Ibanez Multi-Effects Rack unit, Gibson 1961 RTV Multi Stereo 15W per side (10" Jensens, Sovtek EL84s), Carvin XB-100 Head (150W, Graph EQ, EL34s), Marshall 2x12 1936 Cab, KMD 100W Head (MOSFET PreAmp, GL6s), 2ea KMD 4x10 Cabs (Celestions). Great guitar for multiple styles of playing. I could never part with this guitar.
Rock solid guitar. Built like a tank.
On 10/26/2002, Adam Kralic (220) posted:
Overall Rating:
If this guitar were lost or stolen I'd be p---ed. :) Then I'd buy a Ibanez JEM. This guitar does suffer from not having a neck pickup for lead use imo.
Model Year: 1992
Price: $900.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Guitar Center
USA Custom Ibanez with silver rattlesnake finish. The neck is thin and very fast with 24 frets that are jumbo sized. Stays in tune forever. Comes with a single humbucker in the bridge that I found a bit weak so I replaced it with a Seymour Duncan "Pearly Gates" which has alot more warmth. This is a very straight forward guitar. One volume, one tone to one humbucker. Being that it only has that one pickeup, it's a shame that the stock humbucker sounded so thin. That cost them a point in my book.
FAST NECK. Great guitar for serious shredding. By adding a more robust, warm humbucker found this guitar more versatile than you would expect just looking at the overall specs/design. Body is contoured to fit like a glove in the sitting position. Great balance when standing too. For playability this has been my favorite guitar so far...some models I've owned... Early nineties Fender Jap Strat, early nineties Joe Satriani Ibanez, late nineties high end Hamer custom, Charvel model 6 and a POS telecaster copy.
Sound Quality:
Used with a wide variety of amps...for me it's just "comfortable". I enjoy metal, progressive, neo-classical, and blues. I found it sounds best suited for all these styles except for the blues as it's clean doesn't have that twang that you'd want.