by Joe Charupakorn

(1999) Cherry Lane

Description A book of scales...theory,formulas and fingering diagrams for more than 70 scales.
Posted By Malcolm Howley (1134)
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On 10/19/2002, Malcolm Howley (1134) posted:
Overall Rating:
This book is has over 70 scales...possibly more than you will ever need.major,minor,melodic minor,harmonic major and minor as well as all the modes,17 pentatonic scales,symmetrical,be-bop,15 other exotic scales and of course the blues scale. each scale is mapped out on a fretboard diagram...24 frets no particular key but with all the root notes addition to this you get smaller diagrams giving you 10 one octave patterns,5 two octave patterns,3 three octave well as these you get diagrams for position based fingerings...starting on all scale degrees.if that wasn`t enough you also get diagrams for 3 and 4 note per string fingerings also starting on each scale you see you get a very comprehensive set of fingering diagrams that you can use for practice and learning fretboard paterns.but that is not all...every scale is also given in standard notation for all 12 notes used in western music...yes...more than 70 scales in 12 different keys.and there is still more....every scale is spelt numerically and by interval...i.e...1 2 b3 4 5 b7...or W H W W W H W..okay...there can not be anymore...right? there is more....for every scale he tells you what chord would be the tonic 7th for that particular scale...for example the tonic 7th chord of the major scale is maj7...for the naka zora scale it would be a sus4 triad.and he tells you the naturally occuring extensions for these tonic 7th chords. there is a short introduction of how to use this book and read the diagrams.apart from that this book is free of any complicated and confusing explanations of can use it to study scales and modes and also dip into it to hear how some more unusual scales will sound without getting your mind boggled.without this book i would never have been able to noodle instantly on the banshiki-cho scale or the shimo-chidori scale.a thoroughly excellent and excellently thorough reference book...and its only around $15 U.S......brilliant.