Frontline Delay

Single-Effect Pedal

Made by Frontline

Description Delay Effect. Stores a phrase you play and plays it at timed intervals.
Posted By Michael Carter (1094)
Directory Equipment: Effects
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Member Reviews

On 10/15/2002, Michael Carter (1094) posted:
Overall Rating:
Well, I wouldn't buy it. But its a fun toy to play with ( especuially if im playing progressive rock)
Price: $0.00
Where Obtained: Got it with my guitar
Twist Knobs, Delay length, Duration, Mix controls.
Sound Quality:
I use this with my Epiphone Sheraton, and at first I liked it. The signal stays good over repeats. However, it struggles on and sound apart from clean. Put it after a distortion pedal, and the sound quality is much diminished. Its fun to play a chord of whatever then play with the controls ;-)
Ease of Use:
Pretty easy, but you can get some feedback type noises.