Pignose 7-100 Original Portable Amp

5W (1 x 1")

Made by Pignose

Description This amp is approx 8x6x4 in size and it opens like a book.it is a sturdy little box and looks very retro in appearance.it is famously simple to operate.it does not look like a toy.
Posted By Malcolm Howley (1134)
Directory Equipment: Amplifiers
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Member Reviews

On 10/13/2002, Malcolm Howley (1134) posted:
Overall Rating:
My overall opinion is that this amp allows the guitars own charachter to come through.for practice,home recording,jamming it is ideal and although not an obvious choice for live playing...miked up with a good p.a...or linked via the preamp out to a bigger amp there is no real reason why it couldn`t be used on a gig.this amp sounds bigger than it looks although small amps do have a problem with projection.this amp is not trying to be a cybertwin...so as a small,easy to use,portable,well made,good sounding amp this amp excels.if this amp was lost i would get another one in a moment....in fact i might get another one any way.there are a few other reputable amps out there of a similar size but i have not tried them yet...so for now the pignose gets my vote.i highly recommend you try one out.
Price: $70.00 (new)
Where Obtained: manny`s...N.Y.C.
One control for volume.one input jack.one preamp out jack.one 9v adapter in jack.if this amp was designed to be simple then it succeeds magnificently.
Sound Quality:
I play a strat and a dot through this amp and it handles them both very well.it can be a bit bassy but not at the expense of treble which really bites...especially with single coils.this amp has a good tone for clean biting strat sounds such as reggae or funk rythm and also works very well with humbuckers for blues lead or warm rythmic strumming.it has a bit of grit at higher volumes without getting much louder but if you are after a fuzzier more squashed sound you probably need some fx pedal.i have a particular fondness for small portable amps and without doubt this is the best sounding one i have heard...although to be fair all my other small amps only have 2 or 3 inch speakers and 1 watt.
Ease of Use:
It has only the volume control but the tone can be adjusted by opening up the amp.it is very responsive to the controls on the guitar.it could not be easier to use.
The metal on the corners and the sturdy feel imply that this amp is very durable.it does have a good reputation and i think if looked after then this amp should keep going for years.