Hot Rod Guitars

Description A site for guitar schematics. Site has lots of examples for hod rod guitars. Lots of info for begginer builders. Everything form A to Z on Hot Rod Guitars.
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On 10/10/2002, Darryl Roberts (5330) posted:
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Great site with some nice free schematics. Part of the "Musician's Friend" site. Worth a look, if you have a bit of technical/electronics knowledge.
On 10/10/2002, JIM BRUNELLE (2118) posted:
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I have a few books on the subject of building a hot rod guitar,its ok for a person that would like to redesign his or her guitar.ive done it with a old epi lp..the cost total parts..$426,00....2 reissue pckps,2 push pull pots and 2 push pull tone pots,,,and a bigby tail a getting a couple of good spring loaded pedals ,,the having a fine amp like the fender twin 1965 series.or spend about $2,500 for the Brian setzer,models or a Duane Eddy Series GRETSCH..These are the top of the line for that hotrod sound.
On 10/6/2002, Inactive Member posted:
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Site has schematics for Strats Teles Gibsons and the like. Shows you how to hot rod guitars and basses. Easy to understand electronic set ups. You can also e mail them with any questions you may have with set ups.