Yamaha SGV-300

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Yamaha

Description Weird shaped solidbody sort of like a Mosrite. One neck single coil and two bridge single coils sharing a connon cover. Nice feeling neck with a "gumby" headstock.
Posted By Michael Hungerford (837)
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On 9/18/2002, Michael Hungerford (837) posted:
Overall Rating:
I choose this because first it's an almost 400$ guitar and this crazy store had it on grand opening special for $99.95. Who can pass that one up? I also like the weird body style It's weird looking but not "evil" looking like some B.C. Rich's or ESP's that are for the metal crowd; this ones got more of a laid back 60's kitsch and a retro sound to boot.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $99.95 (new)
Where Obtained: American Music, Henderson Nevada
Taiwan made(but the build quality is very nice) Alder body, maple neck/rosewood fretboard, 22 frets, volume tone and pickup blend controls; one neck singlecoil and two bridge singlecoils that share the same pickup cover. black with a white pickguard. Body style is very unusual with a protruding lower horn and a stumpy upper horn(it's very cool looking). Floating tremolo with a roller bridge similar to the old Jazzmasters but with roller bearing pivots. Inline non-locking tuners
Playability and intonation was excellent right out of the box! The neck feels like a Strat but has a shorter Gibson scale length so it is very fast. It is my most confortable playing guitar out of the four that I own. There are some slight ripples in the body wood near the top edge of the belly cut but nothing to serious. The neck pocket is tight and the frets are dressed very well for a moderately priced axe!
Sound Quality:
I play rootsy stuff and you can definately get an old school vibe from it on the neck pickup. Kind of like a Strat with a slightly more hollowbody timbre. The bridge pickups are similar to Strat pickups and can get some good variety using the blend knob. Overall I am well pleased with the sound. The factory strings were kind of crappy so I put some "classic slinky" pure nickle 9-42's on it. I think it would be great for either stage or home playing but if you are rough on guitars you should allways get a Tele as they are practically bulletproof.
Like I said, durable enough but if you are an animal get a Tele. I am not hard on my equip so this suits me fine.