Les Paul

URL http://www.redhotred.com
Description Les Paul was know as "Red Hot Red" when young because of his "red hot" music and red hair. This site is a large collection of photos of Les and his associates.
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On 9/15/2002, Inactive Member posted:
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This site features the venerable Les Paul at the age of 87 still playing each Monday night at the Iridium Jazz Club in NYC. His friend and photographer,Christopher Lentz, maintains the site. It is very inspiring to see Les in action and he is always so happy in appearance as he plays.

The large volume of photos keeps growing as new ones are added, and many other musicians of note are also pictured here sitting in with Les and his group. The main problem with the site is that it takes a long time for each screen of photos to load, but the wait is worth it.

Les Paul is one of the three seminal jazz guitarists of our age and is the only one of the three still living and working.

Robert G. Denman