Charlie Christian, Legend Of The Jazz Guitar

Description This is the site for anyone interested in the life and music of the great seminal jazz guitarist, Charlie Chrisitan.
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On 9/12/2002, Inactive Member posted:
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This site provides a great deal of information about Charlie Christian, and the reader may spend much time enjoying the extensive research done on Charlie Christian.

Many special features are evident, including a biography of Charlie Christian, photos, transcriptions of his single-line solos, a tutorial of his method of single-note improvisation over chord shapes and examples of typical "Charlie Christian licks".

There is also a link to the Yahoo Charlie Christian Discussion Group which brings together many players and fans sharing knowledge about Charlie Christian.

Garry Hansen, the owner of the site, is to be commended for the excellent research he has brought together making this the definitive site regarding Charlie Christian.

Keep on pickin',

Robert G. Denman