Fender American Strat Texas Special

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Fender

Description Surf Green Texas Special Strat. Stickers all over...
Posted By Jay Austria (266)
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On 11/12/2002, Bernard Piller (69) posted:
Overall Rating:
This Fender has my beloved typical chiming Strat sound. Very clean, very full with beautiful sustain.
But the best is the playability. The modern "C"-shape neck feels so great. Strings don't buzz and bending seems to take no effort at all. This neck plays sweet like butter!
The price of an original US Fender is quite high, but you get great value.
Would I buy it again? Sure ... or probably the Deluxe Strat but that one costs about 40% more.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $1050.00 EUR (new)
Where Obtained: Klangfarbe, Vienna / Austria
It is a US Strat, all the features should be known.

Made 2002 in Corona, CA. Maple neck with maple fretboard, alder body with "Surf Pearl" color. The paint job and the pearl pickguard look awesome.

The controls work really well, you can change your sound a lot by adjusting tone and volume. But it does not have the TBX control. No tone control for the bridge pickup.

Comes with a great solid case and a belt with Schaller strap locks, cable, wrenches,...

I turned the trem screws further in to put the trem into a flat backward position but the guitar does not stay in tune as well as my 400,- Ibanez.

I don't like the screw-on tremolo arm (with an easy to lose little spring).
The neck with the rounded edge is a dream to play. I was very happy that the guitar came with .010-.046 strings which I was intending to put on anyway (Fender says it comes with .009-.042).
Setup of action and intonation was perfect.
I had to adjust the pickup heights a little bit because volume changed dramatically when switching between the PUs
Sound Quality:
Fantastic, typical Strat sound, endless sustain.
I was afraid that the Texas Special PUs would be very noisy but they are not.
A Fender Strat should not fail you. Paintjob, fit and finish are perfect.
On 9/9/2002, Jay Austria (266) posted:
Overall Rating:
Great guitar...
Price: $350.00 (new)
Where Obtained: Three Sisters guitar shop
Made in Japan.. S/S/S Texas Specials...
Yes, great for blues and all sorts of music. Neck is nice and smooth so it isnt rough on your fingers.. Very light compared to other guitars Neck is a bit too thin for the strings...(Low E sometimes goes over the neck)