Freddie Green

Description Devoted to jazz rhythm guitar and the man who epitomized the big band guitar style.
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On 8/29/2008, Nick Scratch (438) posted:
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Excellent resource
On 9/12/2002, Inactive Member posted:
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This resource is unique in providing information regarding the rhythm guitar style of Freddie Green. Many topics have been included to cover the approach he used in playing rhythm guitar.

The research to provide transcriptions of his chord style were painstaking as the transcribers had to sort through old vinyl recordings where the guitar was weak in sound. Therefore the amount of work and research makes this site very special.

There are articles on the life and times of Freddie Green covering his 50 year tenure with the Count Basie Orchestra. The amount of material to read and digest is plentiful covering not only his life and playing style, but also acquainting the reader with Freddie Green as a person and excellent musician. The photos and record reviews are a welcome feature of the site.

A favorite aspect of this site is the grand collection of rhythm guitar transcriptions. When studied seriously, one learns the workings of Mr.Green's mind in using his unique 3-note chords and chord substitution ideas in creating the background pulse of the big bands.

The site is laid out well, and arranged by topics in an easily navigated format. There is a guestbook to sign and many use it as a message board, also. The best aspect of the site is that despite all the volume of material to sift through, it leaves you wanting more and more. And the owner of the site, Mr.Michael Pettersen, is working hard to constantly provide more material and transcriptions. He has done a remarkable job.

Plan to spend a great deal of time at this site, because you will become very absorbed in the information provided. Indeed, it will change your perspective concerning the place of the rhythm guitarist in the big band. Freddie Green rarely took a solo, but raised the art of rhythm playing to a high level of creativity and skill.

It is no wonder that Freddie Green was known as "Mr. Rhythm".

Keep on pickin',

Robert G. Denman