Wechter Pathmaker

Acoustic 6-String Guitar

Made by Wechter

Description Double cutaway acoustic guitar with solid top, back, sides, Fishman Prefix Plus electronics and a neck like an electric guitar!
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On 9/8/2002, Inactive Member posted:
Overall Rating:
I looked at the usualy suspects when looking for a guitar, Ovation, Takamine, Tacoma, Guild, Taylor and even Rainsong. This guitar just felt right, and it has a unique look - with that deep double cutaway.

Model Year: 2002
Price: $625.00 (new)
This guitar was made in China with final setup and "blessings" occuring in Paw Paw Michigan. The body top is Spruce and the back and sides are made from Mahogony. It's a standard 6 string with the Fishman Prefix Plus electronics. The controls are: * The Prefix provides active bass, contour (wide range semi-parametric), treble, and volume controls with a low-battery LED. The contour control allows you to boost or cut the frequencies you choose. This flexibility allows you to add brilliance when needed, scoop out harsh mid-range frequencies, or reduce feedback and unwanted resonance
The action was fit and low with no buzzing, the neck is very thin like my electric guitar, which allows me to play chords that I could not otherwise play on an acoustic guitar without my hand cramping. It plays and sounds as well as the Taylor I was considering purchasing. The only flaw was that the high "E" string was not sounding on the pickup. I was able to take care of that myself.
Sound Quality:
Acoustically or recorded this guitar is immaculate. I use this for song composition, strumming and fingerpicking. The sound from this guitar is very rich and thick. Beautiful, nothing more can be said. I wanted to add brass bridge pins for that extra bit of sustain, but they didn't fit in the pegholes... what's up with that? This is probably one of the top 3 guitars that I have played... #1 Taylor, #2 Kevin Ryan Guitars, #3 Wechter.