Hearin' The Changes-Dealing With Unknown Tunes By Ear

by Jerry Coker

(1997) Advance Music

Description This is a study of the chord progressions of hundreds of jazz standards. By seeing the commonalities and harmonic traits of these progressions, the reader will be able to memorize tunes more easily and start to recognize progressions by ear.
Posted By Tom Cavanagh (2608)
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On 12/15/2004, Jeremy Cotton (7938) posted:
Overall Rating:
If you are a jazz major, or thinking about being one, if you want to play jazz or understand it better, this is a great guide. it outlines common jazz progressions, gives them names and helps you understand how to apply this analysis.
Suitable for intermediate guitarists
On 9/4/2002, Tom Cavanagh (2608) posted:
Overall Rating:
Learning the jazz repertoire can be made a whole lot easier when you start to recognize chord progressions instantly, by ear. This book helps you understand the sound and functions of the chord progressions found in jazz. This is beneficial for learning and memorizing tunes as well as improvising or comping when confronted with an unfamiliar tune. Chord progressions from hundreds of jazz tunes are analyzed in this book written by Jerry Coker, Bob Knapp and Larry Vincent.