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Description GREAT GUIDE FOR DIYS..Guitar set ups repair and Mods!!!
Posted By Larry Broniste (1213)
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On 8/31/2002, Larry Broniste (1213) posted:
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Guitar PLayer Repair Guide by Dan Erliwine is the best book I have run across period !!!Dan is a tech at Stewart McDonald as well as proprietor of Dan Erlewine's Guitar Hospital in Big Rapids,Michigan..and author of Guitar Player's Repair & MOD column.Dan makes every thing very easy to understand and has great pictures and illustrations that are easy to follow.For the Strat player Dan has all the factory specks for your guitar as well as Mods, finishes, repairs as well as a wealth of info on acoustic guitars,Basses,Neck adjustments etc...This is a must book for anyone who wants to be able to take care of their own equip...if you cannot find it in your local book store go to Stewart-McDonalds web site and order it won't be sorry!!!!!!