Kramer Striker FR400S

Electric 6-String Guitar

Made by Kramer

Description Eighties shred-machine. Ibanez S-series style body. Reversed headstock. Floyd Rose licensed tremolo. One slanted QuadRail pickup.
Posted By Tom Timmermans (221)
Directory Equipment: Guitars
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On 8/19/2002, Tom Timmermans (221) posted:
Overall Rating:
I saw this guitar on sale at MusicYo for 179.99USD. (Plus shipping and very expensive Belgian import duties just under 300)

I just bought it out of nostalgia for the late eighties when all my heroes played Kramers. I have to admit even after reading some excellent reviews I was still weary of how good it could be for the money. After all, I paid about 1,300USD for my Ibanez in '96! Well, I tell ya... If they'd been around in '96 maybe I could've bought 4 guitars instead of just one.

Build quality is good. (No matter what some people - Ed Roman - have to say about Asian-made axes) The pickup is excellent! The colour is nice and flashy. The neck feels like a million bucks.

I seriously think I'll buy more Kramers in the future. The value for money is beyond anything I've ever seen.
Model Year: 2002
Price: $179.00 (new)
Where Obtained: MusicYo
Made in Korea. Alder Ibanez S-series type body, with bolt-on hard maple neck and Indian rosewood 24-fret fretboard. Floyd Rose whammy and a pre-cut cavity should you want to install a D-tuna. One slanted QuadRail pickup, which is almost like two humbuckers wedged together. Two controls: volume and tone. The tone-pot is also a push/pull switch to split the pickup. In: all coils on. Out: first and third coils from the neck are on. Gotoh tuners. Black hardware. Body colour: cracked green. It's a dark green background with light green lightning flashes running through it. Very cool. Very eighties. Reversed headstock.
The action needed some adjusting. The bass strings were a bit flabby and the B and high-E strings were a bit tight. That was however quickly adjusted. Now my friends... The neck. This neck feels absolutely wonderful! Better than my Ibanez! I inspected this guitar thoroughly when it arrived. The neck was nicely fit onto the body. No cracks or cavities. Tuners and tremolo are quite stable. No complaints there. I'll say it again though. The neck feel is buttery smooth. One of the fastest necks I've played. I should give it a 5 for the neck alone, but to be fair I had to adjust the action, so... 4/5.
Sound Quality:
Sound: Alder makes for a rather versatile sound. It can take you in any direction. Paired with this QuadRail pickup... Wow. Now, it's a bolt-on with a Floyd, so sustain is not gonna be like a Les Paul or PRS! Never. But I'm proud to say it's pretty much on a par with my Ibanez in that dept. In fact... This pickup is incredibly powerful, but... It's also DEAD QUIET! Absolutely ZERO string noise, even with the gain maxed out. It also retains a lot of clarity. All notes of a chord ring out nicely. As for versatility... Well, this is a rock'n'roller. It wants to play Van Halen, Skid Row, Bon Jovi, Metallica, Iron Maiden... It wants to rock. The pickup has a nice clean sound too though. If you're not expecting a 100% Strat-sound, Blues IS within reach with the pickup split. The pickup is WAY better than the ones on my Ibanez. Way. It's made to play hardrock and people: that's what it does. To a tee. Period.
As I said, it looks to be very well constructed and set up. I need to fine-tune after wild whammy workouts, but hey... That'd be normal. I'll see how she holds up through the years.